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Moabi, a rare and crucial species for indigenous peoples, threatened with extinction in Cameroon ~ #REUTERS:

In the forest area of ​​eastern Cameroon, environmental protection organizations and indigenous communities are calling for an end to the overexploitation of the rare plant species called moabi. The gradual disappearance of moabi makes Cameroon a poor student in the conservation of this rare essence. The impact is already being …

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End of pandemic unemployment benefits for millions of Americans ~ #REUTERS:

Millions of unemployed Americans lost their unemployment benefits on Monday, leaving only a handful of economic support programs for those still financially stricken by the year-and-a-half coronavirus pandemic. Two essential programs expired on Monday. One of them provided assistance to the self-employed and another provided benefits for those unemployed for …

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Democrats and Republicans at daggers drawn around a vast project to expand social assistance ~ #REUTERS:

Democratic senators unveiled Monday in Washington a vast plan to expand social assistance deemed anathema to Republicans. Costed at $ 3.5 trillion, the plan attempts to fulfill campaign promises made by President Joe Biden, himself a Democrat, made during the 2020 presidential election. It also includes plans dear to Independent …

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