#PoliticoCD. | DRC: Denise Nyakeru welcomes the adoption by the Government of the bill on the reparation and protection of victims of sexual violence

The First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi says she is delighted with the adoption, by the Congolese government, of the bill on the protection and reparation of all victims of sexual violence. As a champion of women’s rights and the president of her foundation – author of this bill – Denise Nyakeru recognizes that this adoption is a “big step forward” in the quest for national reconciliation.

“I welcome the adoption by the Council of Ministers of the draft law on the fundamental principles on the protection and reparation of victims of conflict-related sexual violence and victims of crimes against peace and security. of humanity. A big step has been taken in the quest for national reconciliation, ”wrote the first lady on her account.

In the same vein, she said she reiterated her wish to see the legislator urgently study this proposal and endow us with a law that will meet the expectations of millions of survivors. a titanic job to achieve this result. It is up to the legislator to follow suit,” she concluded.

During the Council of Ministers held on Friday September 9 and chaired by the President of the Republic, the Minister of Digital presented, on behalf of his colleague of Rights
Humans on a mission, the bill laying down the fundamental principles relating to the protection and reparation of victims of sexual violence linked to conflicts and victims of crimes against the peace and security of humanity.

This text, he explained, sets the terms of protection (judicial, administrative and social) and reparation for the benefit of these victims. And it applies to acts committed from 1993.

He ended his presentation by reassuring that the application of this text will guarantee victims and their dependents adequate and suitable mechanisms to access justice and reparation with a view to their reintegration or community recovery. After debate and deliberations, the Council adopted this Bill.


Source: PoliticoCD.

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