2022-09-05: Predictions For Some Top Football Matches of This Monday.

Below is the list for my picks of predicted winners for some of football matches scheduled to be played today on this Monday, September 5th, 2022 across the globe. Please, keep in my mind that these are just my predictions for the matches, and not endorsements or recommendations.

For daily results, please check your betting sites and/or official websites of teams for final scores. After publication of this article, I will not update this article for final scores of the matches.

Disclaimer: If you have to play, please play within your limits and for fun. If it’s no longer fun, stop it and never run after your losses. Football is for fun, not for money, in the first place.

About Myself (the author of this article: Pierre MUGISHA): I am a volunteer Contributor at Journal Magara Times, writing for free and not representing any interests of the newspaper nor acting on their behalf whatsoever. I count myself privileged to have been granted this opportunity for sharing my predictions for the beautiful game that I love so much. Concerns, Comments, and Suggestions should addressed to me, and me only, and not the JMT.

Selection: Thanks to technical analysis of previous matches, team squads, game odds, club history, and current sports news and updates from leagues all over the world, I make selections to guide you choose your picks for daily matches. For better results, please pay matches individually. ENJOY THE GOOD GAME!

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About Peter P. Mugisha

Peter (Pierre) P. MUGISHA - Independent Contributor at Journal Magara Times, writing about sports and sports predictions for upcoming matches for free.

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