#PoliticoCD. | DRC: Félix Tshisekedi invites his Government to focus more efforts on improving the social welfare of the population

The President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi invited, during the Council of Ministers on Friday August 12, 2022, his Government to focus its efforts more on improving the social welfare of the population.

Indeed, according to government spokesman Patrick Muyaya, the Head of State also asked his “Warriors” to give priority to continuing efforts to credibly adjust the macroeconomic policies implemented with a view to continue to cushion the shock caused by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and respond to the imperative of restoring peace in the east of our country.

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To do this, he reports, the Minister of State, Minister of the Budget, the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank have been instructed, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, to take all measures likely to strengthen the credibility of the budgetary process, to consolidate the frameworks of monetary and exchange policies, but also to promote the diversification of the Congolese economy in order to support inclusive growth.

This, also with the objective of ensuring the full success of the third review which would enable the Republic to benefit from additional disbursements under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF).

Head of State Félix Tshisekedi also welcomed the satisfactory conclusion, on June 29, of the consultations under Article IV and the second review of the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) granted to the DRC. by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), followed by the immediate disbursement of a credit of 203 million dollars to meet the financing needs of the balance of

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