#PoliticoCD. | DRC: A group of intellectuals demand Denis Mukwege for the 2023 presidential election

The Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Denis Mukwege, the famous gynecologist and repairer of fistulas of women victims of sexual violence in the East, can he become the healer of ailments of the sick Democratic Republic of Congo? This is the wish expressed by a collective of Congolese intellectuals.

Through a declaration, a group of intellectuals made up mostly of university professors, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the accession of the DRC to its international sovereignty, launched an urgent appeal to Doctor Denis Mukwege for him to run for the presidency in the next elections scheduled for 2023.

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In their call for applications, these Congolese intellectuals “committed and devoted” to the cause of the DRC, say they have launched this solemn appeal to the Nobel Peace Prize to come to the bedside of the “serious patient” that the DRC has become.

“The hour is very serious”, they argue “The Congolese homeland is adrift like a ship without a captain in the rough seas. There are circumstances in the history of a people where the salvation of a large majority depends on the determination and tenacity of a tiny minority, or even of a single individual. Because in this case, the spiritual force compensates the weakness of the number and the means”, they argued.

In their argument, they relied on the political testament of Lumumba, who addressed the younger generations through his letter from his cell in Thysville. In this letter, Lumumba said “They have corrupted some of our compatriots, they have contributed to distorting the truth and sullying our independence”.

So for them, the time has come to stand up and march for a new Congo. They also believe that the time has come to give the DRC its grandeur, the dignity of its people, to open a new page in its history and to write, through its worthy sons, its own history, a history of justice and of peace, a story of glory and dignity, a story of work and sacrifice, a story of solidarity between nations, between peoples, in the affirmation of national identity and respect for the sovereignty of peoples.

“Gone are the days of complaints and lamentations, as well as those of hesitation, fear and indecision. The hour is very serious. The time has come, finally, to entrust our destiny to expert hands, to souls in love with justice and humanism. Fear not, the time has come for our battered but matured people to take their destiny into their own hands under enlightened leadership and to defend their independence and freedom,” they added.

In this perspective, they solemnly urged Mukwege to discover and above all to accomplish his mission alongside other Congolese loving goodwill in the service of the Congolese nation.

“The state of decay of our country testifies to the topicality of the thought of the American intellectual, Albert Einstein, a great scientist and man of faith like you: “The world will be destroyed by those who know but do nothing”. And as you have repeatedly said, no one can claim that he did not know, the time has come to choose to do something to put the country back on track and the people back to work. We must stop the collective sinking, ”they drummed.

Mukwege to stop the flow of blood in the DRC

This group believes the famous gynecologist remains the only hope to stop the episode of massacres in the eastern part of the DRC under the complicit silence of the international community.

“Since the massacre of the patients you treated in Lemera, more than 25 years have passed. And throughout this period, the Democratic Republic of Congo bleeds like an inexhaustible fountain. From east to west, from north to south, with each passing day, Congolese populations are finished off with axes, machetes, bayonets and Kalashnikovs when it is not by hunger or sickness. Hundreds of thousands of women are raped and destroyed, millions of Congolese men and women are displaced, refugees in their own country and nothing seems to be able to stop this criminal crusade of certain neighboring countries against our people. Neither the denunciations, nor the multiple agreements and even less the demonstrations of protest seem to put an end to the genocide against our people and the plunder of their natural resources. The rare times that the media mention the Congolese tragedy, the international community looks away, pampering the criminals who have become their privileged partners as if to defy us. The reign of impunity makes the aggressors and their national accomplices feel authorized to commit more crimes every day than in the past,” lamented the members of this collective.

The authorities complicit with the aggressors

The members of this collective have in their call for applications addressed to Denis Mukwege, denounced the accomplice of the Congolese authorities with the aggressors of the DRC.

“To stem these crimes which continually beset our country, we were wrong to rely on authorities who are in cahoots with our attackers and who spend their time finding ways to please them,” they said. .

“The only horizon that our rulers offer us is that of subjection to the enemy, voluntary servitude with regard to our executioners. The great disfigured and humiliated Congo lends its flank to countries without scope, to the great displeasure of a certain number of us. The DRC has become a jungle where lambs are slaughtered by wild animals to derive dividends. The degree of decrepitude of our country has exceeded anything we could imagine,” they regretted.

Politically, this collective says it has “the unpleasant impression that the leaders are there only to plunder the country for their own account and that of their families, whereas on the security level, “the DRC is a veritable sieve in which no any individual, any armed or mafia group, any reckless State can enter and operate there as it pleases either to exploit the riches of the subsoil, or to kill or to rape”.

Tshisekedi’s leadership criticized

This collective has fired cannonballs at the current leaders of the DRC. He says he is tired of being led by upstarts or people who, having achieved nothing in their own life journey.

“Your people are objectified and sorely lacking in the leadership capable of pulling them out of the quagmire in which they have wallowed for too long, making their detractors salivate. We are tired of being driven by upstarts or people who, having achieved nothing in their own life course, seek power to obtain, through corruption, theft, cunning and violence, what they did not manage to have by work and by studies.

Is Mukwege the man for the job?

Obviously yes according to the members of this collective. In their statement, they hinted that the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner is unquestionably the right man for the office of President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They maintain that the country of Lumumba needs a person of international stature, with the stature of a Head of State, with recognized moral probity, resolute, with a vision of greatness and dignity for the country and loving the Congolese passionately.

“Because yes, the Congo has many friends because of its immense resources, but the world is turning its back on the tragedy suffered by Congolese men and women. Today, it is indisputably established that you are the man we need for the office of President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is with you that we, Congolese men and women, would like to rediscover the splendor of our country, restore its luster and prestige, recover its sovereignty and respectability, ensure peace and shared prosperity,” they trumpeted.

And to add: “Enough is enough! Listen to all these cries of distress rising from our countryside, the most remote corners of our country, our schools and universities, our cities and slums! Rise to take the lead of this bruised people. Present yourself in the presidential election of 2023 which you will win hands down, because our people who call you are the ones who will elect you”.

While acknowledging his work done in his holistic mission of repairing women, this collective reassured him that the Congolese are ready as one man to accompany him on the road to the restoration of the DRC which, he says, is eaten away by the lack of vision and leadership, tribalism, clientelism, the separatist temptation threatening the nation to its very foundations, rolled and skimmed by external aggression.

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Source: PoliticoCD.

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