#PoliticoCD. | DRC Regional Force EAC: Uganda on the list, Rwanda “excluded” for its association with the M23

With a view to promoting peace, stability and development in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the greater region of East Africa, the military-security component of the Community of East Africa (EAC) plans to deploy, under its own auspices, a regional defense force in Ituri, North and South Kivu.

Accused of being in cahoots with the M23 rebels, who are terrorizing a large part of North Kivu, Rwanda, a stakeholder in the EAC, is not viewed favorably in the DRC. In North Kivu, Rwandan defense units were reported alongside the M23 on several front lines led by the FARDC. Independent and political activists launched a series of demonstrations to denounce the Rwandan aggression.

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Friday, this question of Rwandan aggression was at the heart of the presentation of the Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs to the Council of Ministers. Gilbert Kabanda revealed a list of countries that will constitute the regional force of the EAC. Uganda, which more than one suspects the hand in particular in the fall of Bunagana, will be part of it, while the Congolese government persists and signs on the exclusion of Rwanda.

“With regard to the establishment of a sub-regional force, decided at the end of the Conclave of Heads of State of the East African Community to support our defense and security forces, the Minister of the National Defense and Veterans Affairs has indicated that it will be composed of elements from South Sudan, Burundi and Uganda, under the command of Kenya”, we read in the report consulted by POLITICO .CD

“Rwanda was excluded from this Regional Force because of its association with the terrorist group M23”, insists the same document.

Behind the scenes of the Nairobi Conclave, Sunday June 19, 2029, the EAC Heads of State finalized preparations to undertake the deployment of the regional force to stabilize the Eastern DRC area and impose peace in support to the Congolese security forces and in close coordination with MONUSCO.

According to him, the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame was “placed before his responsibilities as an aggressor of the DRC and instigator of the M23 terrorists”.


Source: PoliticoCD.

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