#PoliticoCD. | DRC / New anti-Covid19 measures: Businesses, party halls and churches must cut staff by 50 percent

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The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has just announced, this Sunday, December 5, as planned, the new measures to fight against Covid-19. This news was unveiled by the government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya, Minister of Communication and Media.

These measures include, among other things, a 50% reduction in capacity for certain activities and the drastic return to the observatory of certain measures enacted during the 3rd wave.

These measures are formulated as follows:

  1. In public transport, all passengers must be seated with the requirement to wear masks and respect barrier gestures;
  2. Inside the public markets, entry is subject to taking body temperature, washing hands with soap and water and the compulsory and correct wearing of a mask;
  3. Public events (meetings, celebrations, weddings, receptions after funerals, birthdays, sporting events, concerts, etc.) are
    unrolling in an enclosed outdoor or private space must not exceed more than 50% of the capacity;
  4. Funeral vigils in funeral homes and / or at home are
    strictly prohibited. The mortal remains will be taken directly from the morgue to the place of burial with a number of accompanying persons not exceeding fifty (50) people;
  5. The Public Administration, public as well as private enterprises remain open to 50% of their reception capacity. All employers are required to demonstrate efficient personnel management;
    and recourse, where appropriate, to remote or teleworking is recommended;
  6. Universities and schools remain open with the strengthening of strict respect for barrier gestures as mentioned in point 2. While churches are obliged to reduce the number of participants to 50% of their capacity during worship and to respect the measures
    barriers, as well as social distancing;
  7. In order to limit physical contact between people as much as possible, bars, terraces, discotheques and nightclubs can function normally while strictly respecting barrier gestures;
  8. The obligation to be tested regularly in front of any cough associated or not with fever for all people at risk or those most exposed to aid
    rapid tests, namely: health professionals, teaching staff, agents and executives of public and private companies and / or any other person practicing
    an activity requiring many contacts;

In addition, the Government called on the Congolese National Police, the security services as well as the
Services working at borders, in this case the General Directorate of
Migration and the National Border Hygiene Program, to ensure strict compliance with these provisions.

In addition, reported Patrick Muyaya, the Governors of Provinces have the latitude to take measures
specific application for the implementation of the current provisions.

And in addition to the aforementioned preventive measures, can we read this Government press release, the Government strongly recommends vaccination against Covid-19 to the entire population.
And he specified that any offender will be subject to administrative sanctions imposed by the administrative authority of the jurisdiction.

Herve Pedro

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Source: PoliticoCD.

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