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The exploitation of diamonds from Kasai-Oriental by mining companies pollutes the Lubilanji and Kanshi rivers, making their water unfit for consumption. This is revealed by a report by the Sarw Observatory (Southern Africa Resource Watch) published last month.

The observatory informs that MIBA has not yet done anything to protect the environment. Its mining sites, mainly at the polygon, are the scene of intense clandestine exploitation, the shafts of which are pretended to be backfilled. These lands are very rough and often lead to fatal accidents, following landslides.

At the MIBA polygon, there are solid rejects (waste rock) used in the backfill of the old wells, that is to say as one digs, the rejects from the present well are discharged into the underground wells or in operating voids. Solid waste is also used in the construction of various infrastructures. Most often are crowded in unspecified and inappropriate places, and are called “Boulders”. Another part of these rejects (slag heap) is kept to be reprocessed later.

But the second category of discharges consists of the muddy water emanating from the treatment of the laundries, are discharged into the rivers, thus polluting the water of the Lubilanji and Kanshi rivers and thus rendering it unfit for consumption.

“No environmental analysis has been done to date to detect the degree of this pollution of the Lubulanji and Kanshi rivers following the discharge of the rejects”, points out the report.

To do this, MIBA has provided a settling basin at each laundromat to decant the solid elements from the sludge, while allowing the unloaded water to pass through.

This solution did not bring the expected results, which is why MIBA tried to build a factory to recover all the solid finite elements in order to avoid sending them into the water of rivers, which is not done so far.

Source: ActualiteCD.

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