#REUTERS. | Deforestation kills caterpillars, a food dear to indigenous populations

In the villages of the districts of Sembe, Souanké and Mokeko, in Sangha, in northern Congo, the indigenous populations are seeing the scarcity of caterpillars due to climate change. For lack of a solution, they complain about deforestation.

The indigenous population, considered to be the guardian of the forest, has been feeling the effects of climate change for some time. This impacts their way of life, especially in the production of food where the seasons are getting shorter and shorter.

The situation worries. The Sangha pygmies miss the old days when there was food for everyone.

“Today, everything has changed. We run after the rain. We are often surprised by the rhythm of the rains that stop”, testifies Simon Koumou, native of Sembé.

The pygmies of northern Congo make a living particularly from collecting caterpillars, “MbinzoThis protein-rich food is almost endangered due to deforestation. This is what indigenous women in Mokeko village report.

“The human presence in the heart of our forests makes food disappear”, says Jacqueline Moutoukou, native.

Same observation made by Bastos, a native of Sembe. “Before, the collection of caterpillars was good. But, I can’t explain why there is this change. Today, it is not easy to have the caterpillars, because there is deforestation. “, he said.

“At night at home, there is a great heat, there is a real change. Today, we can go around the forest without finding a small quantity of caterpillars to eat with the children”, deplores Frédéric Tadinga, native of Mokeko.

He asks logging companies that harvest timber in their region to respect community forests.

President Denis Sassou N’Guesso is expected to return soon from Glasgow, Scotland, where he is attending the climate conference. With his counterpart from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, he is trying to draw more attention to the need to invest in the preservation of the forests of the Congo Basin.


Source: Reuters-VOA.

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