#PoliticoCD. | DRC: Patrick Muyaya sets up organizational structures for the States General of his ministry

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On the sidelines of the DRC Communication and Media Estates General, the responsible Minister, Patrick Muyaya, set up the organizational structures.

At the end of two decrees signed since October 23, 2021, Minister Patrick Muyaya appointed the members of the organizational structures of the States General of communication and media

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In essence, Patrick Muyaya will personally chair the organizing committee of the States General of Communication and Media.

Thus, are appointed members of the Bureau of the Organizing Committee of the States General of Communication and Media, the people whose names follow:

  1. Jean-Pierre Kibambi Shintwa, Vice-president
  2. Tito Ndombi, Vice-president
  3. Floribert Luboto Ngwangu, Vice-president
  4. Oboul Okwes, Rapporteur
  5. Israel Mutala, Rapporteur

For the Bureau of the Scientific Committee of the States General, are appointed members:

  1. Gaby Kuba, Vice-president
  2. Tshivis Tshivuadi, Vice-president
  3. Rose Masala, Member

Finally, the following persons are appointed as members of the Scientific Committee of the Estates General:

  1. Alain Nkoy, member
  2. Chantal Kanyimbo, member
  3. Kileba Pok- A- Mes, member
  4. Stéphane Kitutu, member

5.Cédric Mwamba, member

  1. François- Claude Kabulo Son Kabulo, member
  2. Jean- Chrétien Ekambo, member
  3. Malembe Tamandiak, Minister’s Delegate
  4. Tabasenge, Minister’s Delegate
  5. Charles Mugagga Mushizi, member

This composition of organizational structures took into account the representation of several journalistic corporations, the first partners of these important meetings. Thus, in the committee, there are personalities from the political sector (parliamentarians), the media, justice and legal practitioners, the scientific body, civil society and the small office of the Organizing Committee.

The Ministry of Communication and Media, emphasizes that the actual meeting of communication and media, will be preceded by the work of the Scientific Committee. The latter’s mission is to prepare the matters to be dealt with during the States General.

Junior Ngandu

Source: PoliticoCD.

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