#PoliticoCD. | DRC: Mboso calls on CENCO and ECC to dialogue with the authorities

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The President of the Convention for the Republic and Democracy (CDR) and President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso N’kodia, during his “truth” meeting organized this Sunday, October 31 at the Kintambo Velodrome ground , called two religious denominations, the Catholic Church and the Church of Christ in Congo to dialogue with the Congolese state instead of negotiating with the international community.

According to Christophe Mboso, to criticize through radio and television, to leave the country for a foreign country, is to make people believe that the Congo has returned to the era of colonization.

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For him, in fact, the relationship between the Church and the Congolese State must be the relationship based on the good of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To do this, he castigates the behavior of certain politicians who, according to him, want to bring the Church and the Congolese state into conflict for their personal interests.

“We want the relationship between Church and State to be based on the good of the country. If the Church sees that there is a problem with the Congolese state, let it dialogue with the state to find the appropriate solutions. But, go and criticize on radios, televisions and leave the Congo for a foreign country, it is shameful. It means that we are still colonizing. We want dialogue. The Church must meet with the State if she does not agree on a point. the state must also do the same, ”said Christophe Mboso.

In addition, Mboso says he is happy to have, in the coming elections, a President of the Republic, deputies, senators, governors and consorts. Also, he said, to have cardinals, bishops, priests, reverend pastors and those who are going to do the service of God well in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“You politicians who want to harness the aura of the Church to whitewash your committed sins, you are fishing against the principles of the separation of powers. Those who will do it, we will denounce you. Leave that kind of practice. We Christians, we Congolese with our State, we must respect the princes of the Church and also protect their property ”urged the President of the Convention for the Republic and Democracy (CDR).

Christian Okende

Source: PoliticoCD.

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