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The Congolese Government adopted a few days ago the lifting of the moratorium on its forests established for 18 years.

For the United Kingdom, one of the DRC’s major donors and partners through the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI), the question of lifting the moratorium is primarily the national sovereignty of the Congolese Government. .

Then, the United Kingdom thinks that the most important on this issue is the implementation of the lifting of the moratorium. It must comply with all the conditions set by the presidential decree of 2005.

We are very advanced in the negotiations within the framework of CAFI. It is true that this question of the moratorium has been raised by many NGOs. But in fact, the decision to want to lift the moratorium is a decision of the Congolese government. The most important thing in the negotiations is the implementation of this decision. What we have asked the government is to see again the presidential decree signed in 2005 for the conditions for the implementation of the moratorium. There are conditions already met by the Congolese government but lack of land use planning which is land use planning. It could be finished in the coming months maybe a year ”, Ms Emily Maltman, UK Ambassador to the DRC, explained in an interview with DESKNATURE.COM and ACTUALITE.CD

And to add:

“So if the Congolese government can complete this work according to Congolese laws and continue the issue of new concessions, of reallocation of concessions that are canceled due to legality issues. There is a process going on. What we are asking through the CAFI negotiations that all the conditions set by Congolese law through the 2005 decree are respected ”.

In the meantime, negotiations between the Congo Forest Initiative (CAFI) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are continuing in order to sign the letter of intent for the second phase of the partnership (2021-2031) estimated at 1.1 Billions USD.

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In addition, several organizations including Greenpeace Africa have approached donor countries and other international bodies to demand not only the maintenance but also and above all the extension of the moratorium on the forests of the Congo.

Auguy Mudiayi

Source: ActualiteCD.

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