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The NGO Justicia ASBL is once again sounding the alarm on the spoliation of the Upemba Park, in Haut-Katanga.

Beyond the pressure due to agriculture, the search for firewood by the neighboring communities, Justicia ASBL explains that the farm belonging to the former head of state Joseph Kabila has moved its terminals taking part of the park of Kundelungu thus stripping him of his land, his trees but also his animals.

“In Kundelungu too, there is the Hope farm which belongs to the former head of state. They have moved boundaries. So, they entered the Park. There are even small construction sites leading to the Park which have been barricaded because the farm has erected a concrete wall there. They really are really durable materials. They created what they call Range Kundelungu. This Range encroaches on Kundelungu Park. They entered the park, according to our information and according to the GPS data that we were able to collect, at a little more than 5 km by 60 or 70 km. It is really to give you the idea on what it is. extent of the Park. In this part of the park, there are monkeys and other animals which are in this space and which unfortunately should no longer belong to Kundelungu National Park since they are part of the heritage of the Hope farm ”, Master Timothée Mbuya explained this Saturday in Kinshasa during the presentation of the preliminary report entitled “Spoliation of the Upemba and Kundelungu national parks: serious risks of the loss of animal species and violations of environmental rights ”.

And to add:

“So you understand that by this act of spoliation there are not only the earth, the trees and the grasses which were dispossessed from the park but also the animals”.

For Justicia ASBL, this situation is unacceptable. This NGO claims to have written several times to the Espoir farm to obtain information without success. She recommends that the Espoir farm bring its boundaries back to their initial limits.

“We think that is not acceptable and it is not admissible. We ask that the limits of the Range return to the initial limits of the farm ”, continued Master Timothée Mbuya.

In this preliminary report, Justicia ASBL recommends in particular the suspension of the barriers erected in the Upemba-Kundelungu complex and to initiate the necessary investigations in the face of suspicions of corruption characterizing the erection of the Sombwe hydroelectric power station in the Upemba Park and, if necessary, sue all perpetrators.

Auguy Mudiayi

Source: ActualiteCD.

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