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On the sidelines of the Tourism Week which ended Thursday in Kolwezi (Lualaba), the minister in charge of the sector, Modero Nsimba publicly supported two projects that threaten the national parks of Virunga and that of Upemba. This is the project to build a university institution in Kyavinyonge in the Virunga National Park (Beni territory), initiated by his colleague, Muhindo Nzangi, Minister of EPST.

For Modero Nsimba, a cohabitation between fauna, flora and humans is possible. You can do anything in protected areas provided you conduct an environmental impact study. Rather, he is opposed to the position of a hundred environmental NGOs who are calling for the cancellation of this project, which violates Law No. 14 on nature conservation.

“Fauna-flora and human cohabitation. We can do anything in the park. All you need is a good environmental impact study. The Congo has already done something big, tell these NGOs: the Congo has already stopped oil exploration in the Virunga park. This is already a big step for a country that is still looking for infrastructure. I think that today, in the Virunga park, the environmental impact study was well done. And if the construction of the school shows that there will be no impact and this school is for young Congolese. If small elephants can be protected and young Congolese have the right to education ”, Minister Modero Nsimba said in front of an audience.

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Based on the hydroelectric dams financed by the European Union which are nevertheless erected in Matebe (Rutshuru Territory), Mutwanga (Beni Territory) and Luhiro (Lubero Territory), outside the Virunga National Park and in several kilometers from its limits, Modero Nsimba believes that the construction of the University is first and foremost for the good of local communities and the project must be submitted to an environmental impact study before being validated by the Congolese State.

“In fact, we work together with the Virunga Foundation. The current distributed in the city of Goma at 80% is produced in the Virunga park and occupied by the local communities. It’s a political battle because the project is supported by a local elected representative. I know the file. Although the elected representative of the corner has become a minister, we submit him to an in-depth study before accepting him ”, continued Minister Nsimba.

The Minister of Tourism also did not hide his support for the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Sombwe, next to the Upemba park (Haut-Katanga) which he proudly describes as a project carried by “a Congolese and supported by the FEC ”.

“I will take the opportunity to respond to the local press. People who use NGOs. I am there for example, I did not see NGOs, it is also 86 NGOs who signed against the electricity project not in the park but next to the Virunga park because it is a project carried by a Congolese and his associates from the local FEC of Lualaba and Haut-Katanga. I replied directly to the park curator: “he works on behalf and for the good of the Congolese. If there are contradictions in terms of environmental impact, the government does not balk. And there, the result is there, the government worked and the park of Salonga is put back on the green list of destination and was removed from the list of protected areas in danger ”, concluded the Minister.

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In recent days, a joint commission has been investigating the construction of the Sombwe dam and the allegations of spoliations of the Upemba park.

Auguy Mudiayi

Source: ActualiteCD.

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