#PoliticoCD. | Kibassa called to “withdraw the RAM” after his intervention would “not convince” the deputies

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In the National Assembly, the plenary of this Wednesday, October 13, 202, was shaken by tensions between National Deputies. After the boycott of the work by the national elected representatives of the FCC, the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Christophe Mboso, continued the session devoted to the oral question with debate on the RAM tax.

In his reply, the Minister of PTNTIC, Augustin Kibassa, first apologized to elected officials for his excessive languages ​​during the plenary on September 29. Then, he took into account the concerns of the national deputies and at the same time, he reassured them to submit them to the Council of Ministers for a decision emanating from the Government. He claimed that the RAM tax is not from his department but rather from the ARPTC.

Taking the floor, the initiator of this oral question with debate, the National Deputy, Claude Misare Mugomberwa, deemed this reply from the Minister of PTNTIC unsatisfactory to the concerns of the national representation, despite the additional time granted to him to three times.

“I confirm before this august plenary assembly that on this RAM file, even if it was granted another additional period of one year, it would not bring together the means of defense to convince the victim population. Even if Minister Kibassa requested the intervention of all his ancestors of Kafira in the territory of Kasanga so that they come to help him to justify the legality of this tax, he will not convince the Congolese people ”, he said. declared.

Remaining straight in his approach to put out of harm’s way the RAM, the elected of Uvira suggested that it is important to point out that as soon as an IMEI is registered once in the RAM, it remains there for the life of the device, the number is unique and can never change. With that, he says, it is therefore abnormal and illogical to register a single device each year whose information remains unchanged. “And besides, the recording should be done for free,” he said.

By charging for the registration of the IMEI number, he indicates, the ARPTC is moving away from its mission to protect the interests of consumers as prescribed in Article 3 of Law No. 014/2002 of October 16, 2002 on creation of the ARPTC.

In this regard, Claude Misare took this opportunity to ask President Mboso to invite all mobile network operators working in the DRC, namely Vodacom, Airtel, Orange and Africell because, he said, they participated in direct way to this “state scam.”

106 Million US dollars raised

According to the initiator of the oral question with debate on the RAM tax, according to his calculations made on the basis of the figures presented by the Minister of PTNTIC, i.e. 26,675,675 2G telephones and 11,432,431 3G telephones and more, it emerges that the receipts already collected during the last 6 months would be 106,702,692 US dollars (one hundred six million seven hundred two thousand six hundred and ninety two US dollars) without counting, he said, those collected on subscribers with 2 to 3 sims, victims of double or triple sampling.

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“Can the Minister tell us how much he has paid into the public treasury for free education?” He asks Kibassa, before explaining that as a registration fee according to the Minister of PTNTIC, the RAM tax as known to all, instead of being collected by the DGRAD, the revenues are paid in accordance with the provisions of article 18 of the ministerial decree of 10 June 2020 establishing a CEIR system in the DRC, which provides the following:

“The mobile network operators are responsible for collecting the IMEI registration fees in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of this decree by confirming themselves to the terms set by this decree in charge of paying them back within 7 days of their collection. according to the conditions of affection communicated to them by the ARPTC ”.

According to him, this RAM tax should be collected by the DGRAD as is the case of the rights recognized to public services and establishments indicated in the ordinance-law of June 10, 2020. Unfortunately, he insists, the DGRAD has never been notified of the collection of this registration fee and does not recognize its legality.

Remove RAM

“Not removing the RAM Tax is sabotaging the fight led by Emery Patrice Lumumba and Étienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba. As long as the people have not yet found themselves on this RAM file, the fight will not end. In this fight, we must remain united, there is no Lamuka, nor FCC, nor Sacred Union, there is only the Congolese people. We are going to use the constitutional and regulatory provisions of the National Assembly, ”insisted the national deputy, Claude Misare Mugomberwa.

He informed Augustin Kibassa that the manifest refusal to suppress RAM is eloquent proof that shows that the Congolese people can hope for nothing from the Ministry of PTNTIC in the materialization of the vision of the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi.

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To join his voice with that of the people, the national deputy Claude Misare Mugomberwa recommended to the National Assembly to constitute without delay a parliamentary commission of inquiry with like missions to verify the traceability of the funds already collected; establish the responsibilities of the public and private authors involved in this “state swindle” and bring them before the competent judicial bodies.

And to the Minister of PTNTIC, to cancel the ministerial decree of June 10, 2020 establishing a CEIR system in the DRC without which the decree having illegally created the RAM tax would not be executed. To return credits illegally taken without the consent of the Congolese people and the outright abolition of the RAM tax.

Christian Okende

Source: PoliticoCD.

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