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Thirty-five (35) Congolese fishermen who had been detained for eight months in Katwe prison in Uganda were released on Wednesday, October 13. Beneficiaries of the presidential pardon of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, these fishermen arrived in the border city of Kasindi located in the territory of Beni (North Kivu), this same Wednesday testifies the head of fishermen in this region.

Most of these fishermen come from the villages of Kyavinyonge, Kasindi port and Nyakakoma. They were arrested by the Ugandan navy in full fishing activity on the waters of Lake Edward, the Ugandan justice accused them of having violated the lake border on Lake Edward.

According to Noé Kavasya, president of the fishermen of Kyavinyonge, their release was not conditioned. According to the same source, 13 other Congolese fishermen remain detained in Uganda.

“These are exclusively those who were recently arrested at least four months ago,” he says.

Since the start of the current year, at least 50 Congolese fishermen who were detained in Uganda have regained their freedom, local sources say.

Yassin Kombi

Source: ActualiteCD.

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