#PoliticoCD. | The Congolese tourism week is held in Lualaba

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The town of Kolwezi, capital of the province of Lualaba, is hosting the first Congolese tourism week. The activities themselves started on Monday, October 11, and will end on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

The first Congolese tourism week is held in the world capital of cobalt under the theme: “Tourism and inclusive growth”. Guests from all the provinces of the DRC and from outside the country take part in these meetings.

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On behalf of the Prime Minister, Rose Mutombo Kiese, Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, gave the go of the first Congolese tourism week to the Katebi beach Lodge site.

In her speech, Rose Mutombo expressed the determination of the Congolese government to revive tourism activities for economic growth. According to this member of the National Executive, tourism is one of the key development sectors today.

For his part, the National Minister of Tourism, Modero Nsimba, indicated that these meetings aim to highlight the existence of enormous tourism and economic potential in all the provinces of the DRC. For him, it is necessary to promote and promote the appropriate exploitation of the national territory and to attract investment in this sector.

Fifi Masuka Saini, interim governor and host of the Congolese tourism week, for his part, thanked the President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi, for the choice made on his province. According to her, it is an opportunity to show the world the tourist potential that abounds in Lualaba.

It should be noted that the Congolese tourism week is part of the commemorative activities of the World Tourism Day 2021 edition. In addition to the reflections on the development of the tourism sector, a guided tour is planned in several tourist sites of the province of Lualaba.

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