#PoliticoCD. | Jean-Pierre Lihau: “I found the public administration overwhelmed with staff and was in stage 2 of the coma”

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The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Civil Service, Jean-Pierre Lihau made a bitter report on the public administration after having taken the orders of this administration. He says he found the public administration very ill, in a catastrophic state, in stage 2 of the coma. He informed our colleagues at Radio Topcongo FM on Wednesday, October 6 during Le Débat Magazine.

Making a robot portrait of the public administration of the Democratic Republic of Congo, VPM Lihau explained that “When you put 300 people on a plane that has a capacity of 150 people, will that plane take off? This is the image that is needed to present our administration ”.

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Based on this bitter observation of this administration, he suggested that he also found staff totally overwhelmed. In this regard, he said that an office which, in principle, should occupy 2 people is filled by 20 people. A division which, according to him, should have 24 people, it is filled by 90 people. The same is true, he says, for a 30-person office that is shared by 200 people.

Faced with these bloated staff for poor performance, the number one of the public administration intends to rejuvenate this administration which, moreover, has become, over time, aging.

“The complacency that has characterized us during all these years has led us to a dead end. There was also a problem with the aging of the public administration, with 256 people over 100 years old. Many no longer work, but neither are they retired. They are still on the asset list. This situation requires the rejuvenation of the administration. But, we cannot rejuvenate the administration without retreating the agents, ”he declared.

According to him, he still found a legal framework on public administration outdated because, he indicates, the current regulations of the administration which present the details on the discipline, the social advantages, the functioning of the administration, date back to 1982. So, he says, the ministry has been doing almost 40 years of “wait-and-see” waiting and distraction. 40 years during the country did not give importance to the administration ”.

“We have decided to proceed simultaneously with the retirement of eligible employees and the gradual rejuvenation of the administration … We found the working conditions to be appalling in the administration. There are no more latrines in the buildings, buildings that are totally worn out. And we even found several officials without an office. In the provinces, some officials work under trees. It is an extremely serious situation, ”he added.

Regarding the treatment of public officials or civil servants, Jean-Pierre Lihau says he found an incongruous situation starting from the complacency that has made the public administration home in recruitment. “The State has not been able to take charge of all the civil servants because of these recruitments made without respecting legal standards.

Christian Okende

Source: PoliticoCD.

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