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Launched on Monday, September 27, by Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, the work of the forum on the general states of agriculture was closed on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 by the Minister of Agriculture, Désiré M’Zinga Birihanze, at Congo River Kinshasa hotel. This work has led to resolutions, but also and above all to practical recommendations, including those relating to the environment.

All the more so as Congolese agricultural producers are called upon to evolve towards agricultural practices which integrate sustainable environmental issues and which contribute to the maintenance of the environment. And to face the constraints that arise in the implementation of these agro-ecological practices.

This is why, at the end of their work, the participants in these general agricultural meetings recommended that the competent authorities and decision-makers, among others, revisit the national agricultural calendar and adapt it to the current context, that of climate change. But also, to establish a metrology of water used in agriculture; and set up air quality analysis stations; and provide specialized laboratories with the means to analyze soil quality.

In addition to materializing the vision of the Head of State, that of the revenge of the soil on the basement; other recommendations are to strengthen access to land; to set up the agricultural land register; to relaunch the agricultural campaign program; to accelerate the land reform process to secure community lands; and finalize the process of implementing the law on seed activities.

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