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The South African army will lend a hand to the police in the province of Kwazulu-Natal (East) where violence has erupted since Friday, and in Johannesburg where it then spread, she announced Monday.

Soldiers were seen patrolling the streets of Pietermaritzburg at midday, but the army said in its statement that “the deployment will start as soon as all the processes” preparations will be in place.

The duration of the deployment and the number of soldiers mobilized will be determined “according to the assessment of the situation on the ground by the police,” the statement said.

The role of the military will be “to ensure security and a safe working environment so that the police” can do their job in better conditions, says the army, while the police, widely deployed on most sites of violence, has been often overwhelmed in recent days.

The evil is deep

Looting and fires spread across the country on Monday, the fourth day of violence initially triggered by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. These protests then took another turn, fueled by economic desperation worsened by the restrictions imposed since the end of June in the face of a deadly third wave of Covid-19.

For essayist Andile Zulu, the evil runs deep.

“The citizens the ANC once served have been left to drown in misery and despair”, he writes in the Mail & Guardian daily. “Twenty-one million people have no drinking water, health facilities are overwhelmed, hundreds of thousands of people live in darkness with constant power cuts, and our education system is unsuccessful. only dysfunctional but rooted in outdated methods of learning and acquiring skills “, he laments.


Source: Reuters-VOA.


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