Former senior FDLR commander arrested in eastern DRC ~ #REUTERS:


“Augustin Nshimiyimana, former deputy head of intelligence of the FDLR / FOCA was arrested last Sunday in a church in Ngungu in the territory of Masisi”, a spokesperson for this rebel movement told AFP.

M. Nshimiyimana “participated in a baptismal ceremony for children” in this city where he lived with his wife, he said on condition of anonymity.

The arrest was carried out by “armed men in regular army uniforms came with 6 motorcycles. After his arrest, they left with Augustin Nshimiyimana”, he clarified.

Colonel Augustin Nshimiyimana was the FDLR deputy commander in charge of intelligence from 2012 to 2019, before deserting.

The Rwandan ambassador in Kinshasa, Vincent Karega, for his part affirmed on Twitter that “the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) captured a great colonel (Mr Augustin Nshimiyimana) of the FDLR genocidal forces in the bush in the DRC “.

“Long live the state of siege for peace in the DRC and in the Great Lakes region“, he rejoiced.

The province of North Kivu like that of neighboring Ituri have been placed under a state of emergency since May 6 by Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi.

The Head of State proclaimed this exceptional measure for a period of 30 days (renewable) to overcome the armed groups that are rampant in these border regions of Rwanda and Uganda.

The announcement of the arrest of Augustin Nshimiyimana was relayed to Kigali by the Rwandan daily The New Times.

Friday morning, the Congolese army had not yet communicated on this matter.

The FDLR, fighting the Kigali regime, is one of the many formidable armed groups that threaten and attack civilians in eastern DRC on a daily basis.

Some of the founders of the FDLR participated in the genocide of the Tutsi in April-July 1994 in Rwanda (800,000 dead), before taking refuge in eastern DRC, lastingly destabilizing the region.

Their leader Sylvestre Mudacumura was killed in North Kivu in September 2019.


Source: Reuters-VOA.


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