Alpha Condé proclaimed president elected by the Constitutional Court ~ #AFP:

Ten opposition candidates in the presidential election of October 18 in Guinea on Friday called on their supporters to resume the demonstrations on Tuesday, rejecting the provisional presidential results having declared the head of state, Alpha Condé, reelected.

This announcement, on October 24, sparked the joy of its supporters and kicked off a week of murderous violence between supporters of the two camps and clashes between the police and young demonstrators in famous neighborhoods. favorable to the opposition.

“In view of the serious irregularities recorded before, during and after the election, the participants decided to categorically reject the proclaimed provisional results,” Cellou Dalein Diallo, who came second in the October 18 election, told reporters in Conakry. nine other candidates.

A total of 12 candidates took part in the ballot. According to Aliou Condes, secretary general of Mr. Diallo’s party, the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), only one, Laye Souleymane Diallo, recognized the victory of the head of state.

“From Tuesday we will resume peaceful demonstrations in the streets and public places to denounce the current electoral hold-up and demand recognition of our victory,” added Mr. Diallo, who had already rejected the results as soon as they were released. proclamation by the National Electoral Commission (Céni).

According to the provisional results announced on October 24 by the Ceni, the head of state, 82, was re-elected for a controversial third term, obtaining 59.5% of the votes cast. The opposition leader was credited with 33.5% of the vote.

According to the government, post-election violence left 21 dead, including members of the security forces. The opposition denounces for its part a “bloody repression” having killed at least 27 people. Mr. Diallo said on Friday that “more than thirty” people were killed.

The Guinean power on Wednesday lightened the security system in place since the presidential election, especially around the home of the opposition leader.

– “Questions” on the result –

And the presidential majority “welcomed the good conduct of the presidential election”, believing that “in the unanimous opinion of all parties”, the ballot was “open, transparent, inclusive”.

France, a former colonial power, however, on Wednesday expressed its “concern” about the situation in Guinea, saying that doubts about the credibility of the results should be “transparently removed”.

The head of diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell stressed that “questions remain as to the credibility of the result, in particular as regards the reporting of the minutes and the final count of the votes”.

Also “concerned” by the questions surrounding the reliability of the ballot, the United States “condemned the violence” and urged “all parties to resolve electoral disputes peacefully”.

“We urge the authorities to immediately investigate allegations of excessive use of force by the security forces,” the US embassy in Conakry wrote in a statement.

The opposition has until early next week to appeal to the Constitutional Court, which will then have five days to deliver the final results.

Reelected in 2015 for a second and final term, Mr. Condé stood for a third, arguing that the adoption in March of a new Constitution reset the presidential term counter to zero. But his opponents denounced a “constitutional coup”.


Source: VOA-AFP.


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