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Since November 2017, more than a hundred Cameroonian families have declared their family disappeared to association Ô pays Migrant Human. A local NGO that offers solutions to the root causes of illegal migration.

Cries and pains in Frenzo’s family

Today, in the Carrière district in Yaoundé, Cyril Nemande, the association’s coordinator Ô Human Migrant Country visits Arnaud Kouawa’s family, one of whose children has gone missing on the migration route to Europe.

It was in 2015 that the young man, probably 33 years old today, gave his news for the last time, testifies his father in a heavy voice and sad expression.

“On May 15, 2015, the child called me around 8 am, he said ‘Daddy, send me some money, they took everything on the way, I have no more ‘money’, then he told me that he was at the level of Niger, and he told me that they were in a group and that they were going to leave for Algeria. I tried to dissuade him but he didn’t listen to me “, testifies his father, Albert Kouawa.

“Every day, I only pray for my child to wave, but I can’t hear his voice”, laments the old man who crushes tears.

The coordinator of the association Ô Human Migrant Country tries to reassure the mother of the missing young man, “as long as we do not have a result, we will not let go, we must keep morale, be strong for him “, launches Cyril Nemande to the family.

“Young people when they leave and have already had to ask for enough money from the family, they tell themselves that they no longer have to call to give their news and decide to call again when they are. will have the opportunity to send money to the family “, notes Cyril Nemande.

But there is also another reality, that of the cases of real disappearances of young people in the sea, in the dessert and in the prisons.

Good deals from smugglers

Danielle Mengue, 27, has also experienced several setbacks on the way to Europe. She left Cameroon in 2014. For a year, her family remained without news of her.

Danielle specifies that at the Niger-Algeria border, “There is an amount to pay, I did not have this amount, I found myself in prison for 6 months while waiting to pay 150,000 CFA francs”.

My guide found a Cameroonian in Algeria who paid this sum because he needed a wife, I was sold to his home in Oran and I became his wife “, she says. It was the Algerian police who dismantled the network maintained by this Cameroonian.

Today, promoter of a hairdressing salon in Douala, Danielle Mengue returned in 2018 thanks to the voluntary return and reintegration of migrants program of the International Office for Migration in partnership with the European Union.

“The search for Cameroonian migrants who are missing is not yet a specifically integrated activity within the Red Cross Cameroonian ”, confides an official at VOA Africa.

This manager adds: “Through the network of the Red Cross in the world, the Cameroon branch helps to find a missing Cameroonian migrant, provided that his family declares it in their services “.


Source: Reuters-VOA.


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