After 60 years of independence, the Congo makes a self-criticism ~ #REUTERS:

Friday evening, President Denis Sassou N’Guesso addressed the nation. A short ceremony is scheduled for Saturday to celebrate the 60 years of independence of the Republic of Congo.

Several actors of life in the Republic of Congo believe on the occasion of the 60 years of independence of this former French colony, that the country has not moved forward. They recommend that as of the next decade, development actors take action to revive the country.

For 60 years, political action has greatly influenced the life of the country. For example, the rise to power of different presidents has caused violence. The academic Vivien Manangou, who is a constitutional expert, explains why for a long time, the constitutions were not respected.

“It is the political actors who apply the constitution. It should therefore not be surprised that there is always violence in the accession to power. From the start of independence, violence is part of political events “, he recalls, stressing that constitutions always provide mechanisms to avoid this violence.

In 60 years of independence, culture has remained a poor relation in all development initiatives in the Congo. The former commissioner general of the Pan-African Music Festival, Hugues Ondaye pleads for the repositioning of culture at the center of the country’s activities.

“Culturally speaking, the Congo is looking for itself. The potential is there, but we will have to change the paradigm to move towards an approach which would consist in placing culture at the heart of our country’s development”, suggests the cultural promoter.

Over the past 60 years, the economy would have been impacted either by political choices or by the quality of spending. The statistician and former minister Clément Mierassa draws lessons from this economic governance.

If we made President Youlou leave in 1963 under the pretext of corruption, today it has reached an intolerable and unacceptable level. It is difficult to seek development and tolerate corruption “, he notes.

For the former Minister of Special Economic Zones, Alain Akouala, there is a lot of good in all of this, experiences that must be capitalized on in the next decade.

I believe that for this 21e century and the next 60 years, the Congo can achieve a project that I consider extraordinarily unifying and achievable. It is the construction of a Congo-ocean channel which would connect the Congo river and the Atlantic Ocean “, he indicates, stressing that this project will give hope to the youngest.

And to conclude, the historian and Egyptologist Théophile Obenga believes that it is time to launch the country towards development. “We have to launch the country with big projects that are extremely bigger than us, and not make small points that are not moving forward “, he recommends this 84-year-old patriarch.


Source: Reuters-VOA.


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