Founder of former Farc guerrilla, Colombia’s main rebellion, dies ~ #AFP:

Jaime Guaracas, author of the first shot of the ex-guerrilla warfare of the Farc more than half a century ago in Colombia, died on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Cuba, said the party from the former unarmed rebellion.

“We sadly announce the death of Jaime Guaracas, founder of the FARC. He died in Havana,” tweeted the Joint Revolutionary Alternative Force (FARC), created after the peace agreement signed in 2016 by what was the most a powerful guerrilla from the American continent.

This ex-octogenarian rebel, whose cause of death has not been specified, was proud to have “fired the first shot” of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 1964, according to an interview with AFP. in May 2015.

Entered armed rebellion at the age of twelve, he was, with Miguel Pascuas, the last of the 48 guerrillas living founders of the FARC, led for more than four decades by Pedro Antonio Marin, alias Manuel Marulanda Vélez or “Tirofijo” (Tir to the goal, note).

Tirofijo died of natural causes in 2008 in the Colombian jungle. He was succeeded by Alfonso Cano, killed during a military operation in 2011, then Rodrigo Londoño alias “Tymoshenko”, who signed the peace with the former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

Of native origin, Jaime Guaracas had been a member of the Farc staff, then of the delegation of the ex-Marxist guerrilla to the peace talks led for four years, from 2012, in Havana and which resulted in the disarmament of more than 7,000 combatants.

Although the agreement with the Farc has reduced the intensity of the armed conflict, Colombia remains confronted with a complex internal war which, over the decades, has seen far-right paramilitaries, guerrillas and security forces, killing more than eight million people (dead, missing and displaced).


Source: VOA-AFP.


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