Magara Star Football Club Celebrates its Sixth Anniversary.

The Football ClubMagara Star FC” is a football training and talent development centre by the Star Football Academy with aims to train young athletes and provide them with skills that will help them become successful in both life and soccer.

Club’s Vision: Through sports programs by the Star Football Academy, Magara Star Football Club strives to create a Burundi led by well-informed and responsible citizen leaders who possess the discipline and skills they need to build the country they deserve.

Club’s Mission: Magara Star Football Club’s mission is to promote positive youth development and citizenship through high quality sports instruction, top-tier academic training, and an integrated life-skills program that encourages young members to focus on the future, avoid risk and engage in the world with a global perspective.

Club’s Belief: Magara Star Football Club‘s purpose is to kindle the love for soccer. The Club believes that every child can benefit from playing sports and prides itself in promoting fair play, positive attitudes, teamwork, self-respect and personal self-esteem.

Club’s Promise: Magara Star Football Club promises to promote joy, ignite passion and develop skills. The Club’s programs are designed to develop both technical and personal skills, building a foundation for youth development both on and off the court.

The Club, “Magara Star FC“, is based in Magara, Zone Magara of Commune Bugarama in Rumonge Province of the Republic of Burundi. It was founded on March 31, 2014 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva through the NGD Foundation in Magara and for the people of Magara.

“Make a Difference, Donate Now to NGD Star Sports for Love and Peace in Burundi.”

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