#JMTUpDates: Former Mount Cameroon Player, Ewombua Mathisa Mokome, Stranded in Zambia.

A Cameroonian Football player in stranded in Ndola, Zambia after he was reportedly conned by local “agents” in football to find him a club in the Zambian Premium League, “The MTN/FAZ Super League” as it is locally known for sponsorship reasons.

The Cameroonian, Mr. Ewombua Mathisa Mokome, 22 years old, is a football defender who played for well known clubs in the Cameroonian’s Premier League like the Mount Cameroon FC, a Buea Cameroon based football club owned by Calvin Foinding.

Mr. Mokome is is stranded in Ndola after the agents he was working with to help find him a club in Zambia’s premier league supposedly swindled him out of $900 USD. The football defender says that he had paid the “agents” to process his visa to enter the country and be able to work there as a professional player.

Mr. Ewombua Mathisa Mokome has been in Zambia for about four months waiting to secure a club in the premier league but all in vain. He now wants to return home since, without a job, life has not been so easy for him.

“I am staying with a Good Samaritan in Ndola near town centre, I am suffering here in Zambia,” Mokome said. “I didn’t want to go back home in Cameroon because things are bad that side but because of what I am going through, it is better I go back home”, explained Mr. Mokome.

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